The perfect kitchen for any office.

We were commissioned to design and build a stunning custom kitchenette for an engineering firm's office in Brampton, Ontario. We began by scheduling two on-site consultations to discuss the client's design preferences and goals for the project. During these meetings, we took detailed measurements of the space and provided material samples to help the client visualize the different options available to them. Some key features they were hoping to have were; Rough sawn wood, face mounted steel hinges, ample storage for large water jugs, a hole in the counter for access to garbage, industrial steel frame, and a convenient location for their fridge ane microwave.

From start to finish, the project took six weeks to complete. Every wood door and cabinet had to be custom fit due to the steel frame. The other major challenge was the face mounted hinges. Because we only had one chance to make all the doors square and plum, we had to mount the hinges to the door and then dry fit it into the steel frame. Once it was fit, we welded the hinges to the frame while the doors were still attached.

Our passion is solving the problems that stand between our clients, and the perfect piece of custom furniture to fit their space. We can gladly say that this was accomplished for this beautiful kitchenette. Our commitment to open communication and collaboration allowed us to create a final product that both we and the client were proud of. If you love what you see, or this has given you an amazing idea on what’s possible in your home or office, we’d love to chat with you and help you find the answers you're looking for!

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