Working with Dimensions

Have dimensions ready. If you're not exactly sure about the measurements for your piece, that's ok! Simply having an approximate quess is still very helpful.

Some types of furniture, such as dining tables, desks, benches, and bathroom vanities have a range of standard dimensions. Other pieces of furniture do not. There's a lot of room for creativity and personal preference.

Here are a few guidelines that may help you as you prepare a design or quote request:

  • Dining Tables

    Standard Height: 30"

    Height Range: 28"-31”

    Width: 42”

    Length: No standard

  • Coffee Tables

    Standard Height: 16"

    Height Range: 12"- 18"

    Width Range: 24"- 40”

    Length: No Standard

  • Desks

    Standard Height: 28"

    Height Range: 26"-30"

    Depth: 24"+

    Length: No Standard

  • Seating

    Standard Height: 18"

    Width: No standard

    Length: No standard